Benefits of RMR

Making the case for recurring monthly revenue (RMR) is simple. It is the one way to ensure your company turns a profit every month, guaranteed. In a time of heightened competition and economic uneasiness, RMR is a sure way your company can prepare for the unknown and stay on top of the competition.

Many of the electronic security industry’s most successful businesses build their free cash flow and net worth by continually compounding recurring monthly revenue.

These industries include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Cable television
  • Insurance
  • Cellular

The following charts show the compounding effect RMR delivers to your P&L. Why live installation-to-installation when you have the opportunity to cultivate RMR? With Integrator Support, LLC programs and services you can build a company that increases in value and becomes a desirable acquisition target.

Integrator Support, LLC will bring RMR to your business model with a flexible suite of leasing and financial programs as well as the latest in remote video guarding, mobile & hosted video surveillance, and hosted & centrally-managed access control.

These charts are based upon the following:

Year 1              Year 2           Year 3

Services Sold per Month:          2                          3                      4

RMR per System: $500

Installation Revenue per System: $20,000

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