Virtual Guard Services

Virtual Guard Services

For years, CCTV systems have been good at recording what happened; they have been less effective at preventing incidents. By combining live voice communication with your video system, we create a real physical presence on your property and a powerful deterrent to criminal or inappropriate activity.

Integrator Support utilizes a UL‐Listed, CSAA-5 Diamond, state‐of‐the‐art command center providing interactive video monitoring. Virtual Guarding Services are available across a wide range of vertical markets including: commercial real estate, corporate and educational campuses, manufacturing, logistics, health care, and residential communities.

Our unique service model consists of teams of highly trained, professional, well‐spoken agents who know how to handle a wide range of situations. Our approach is with agents and managers to ensure your procedures are followed precisely.

Our sophisticated software allows us to be equipment neutral. We can typically control most of the major CCTV equipment vendors found in the market today, eliminating the need for costly hardware upgrades.

For connectivity it can be as simple as providing a static IP address and a DSL (or better) connection. Our technical support staff will work with your IT personnel for more advanced network and security needs.

Download the: Professional Monitoring Brochure

Contact us to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE at: or 1-877-421-6963.

FAQs about Professional Video Monitoring

1. How can a remote monitoring service be effective in protecting people and property?

By utilizing video analytics, access control, and other event‐triggering devices, highly-trained operators respond to threats that would have otherwise gone undetected. Through voice‐down announcements the operators communicate with persons on the monitored property. Response time and effectiveness is critical. By transforming forensic video surveillance systems into proactive security solutions, remote video monitoring enhances security and protection with eyes on the scene and the ability to immediately deploy onsite security personnel and/or local authorities.

2. What if I already have a security system in place?

The software used to remotely monitor security systems works seamlessly with hundreds of different security products, so with a few minor enhancements your security system is monitoring ready. There is no need for propriety equipment.

Technologies that can be monitored remotely:
• Surveillance cameras and recording devices
• Access control systems
• Alarm panels
• Voice over IP systems
• Panic buttons
• And more!

3. Does the monitoring center monitor my cameras 24/7/365?

Remote video monitoring is triggered based on events. This ensures that the operator handling your site is fully focused on the task at hand and ensures that no unwanted behavior goes undetected. Monitoring for events can be done on a scheduled basis as needed, or can be done 24/7/365.

Additionally, virtual guard tours can be used to patrol your facility and monitor for specific behaviors, objects, and activity you consider to be a threat or risk.

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