Integrator Support is a leading provider of next-generation electronic security solutions, bringing cloud-based video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection systems together with a state-of-the-art monitoring and data center.

Virtual Guard Services provide customers with real-time protection at a fraction of the cost of an onsite security guard. A combined approach of event-driven video monitoring, virtual tours and virtual doorman services creates a holistic approach to protect people and assets. Virtual Guard Services transform video surveillance from a forensic tool for evidence into a preventative measure to combat crime and unwelcome behavior, not just record it.

Hosted & Centrally Managed Access Control Solutions provide customers with a safe and secure online application for managing access control systems affordable for one location, and scalable to an infinite number of locations. No expensive servers, software licenses or support agreements necessary. With Hosted & Centrally Managed Access Control, customers can reap the benefits of a robust access control system for an affordable monthly fee. These systems can be monitored in conjunction with Virtual Guard Services and can be professionally managed by security experts.

Hosted Video Surveillance Solutions provide customers with video surveillance storage and retrieval through an online portal. With any mobile device, tablet or desktop, customers can view live video and forensic video quickly  and easily. Whether for operational efficiency or for verifying security protocols, Hosted Video Surveillance is a solution for managing video surveillance across multiple locations, by multiple users.

The latest in electronic security technology and service solutions are available through Integrator Support. Project Financing is available for bundling equipment, installation and system management costs into a single monthly payment.

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